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Pst on bugs and fleas


Insects that produce stings are difficult to eradicate and can also seriously disrupt the sleep of those who have seen or suffered them in their bed or in the place where they are staying.


It is essential if the insects are not to be spread by other rooms to eradicate them as soon as possible, at the moment they are aware of their presence. Both bedbugs and fleas produce stings, difficult to differentiate between them.

How to recognize the symptoms of the presence of bed bugs?

Unlike other pests, bed bugs are not easy to recognize so a professional is usually needed to make the diagnosis. The main signs that can indicate the presence of the pest are the following:

  • Presence of small insects that, although very small, can be seen
  • Bed bug seedlings
  • Small stains of blood on the sheets
  • Bed bug droppings, which are tiny dark beads
  • Strong odor, may resemble sweet and extremely unpleasant


Places where bed bugs are found:

  • In mattresses, especially at the seams
  • In carpets
  • Between the cabinets and the floor or wall
  • If there is wood on the floor they can hide between its
  • Inside the furniture drawers

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