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Plagues of Termites


They are introduced into undetected wooden structures, causing serious damage to all wood that is within their reach.

Termites live under the ground, since they find the ideal temperature and humidity for their development and reproduction, they feed on cellulose, the main component of the wood, and to get there they are able to cross all types of surfaces, including concrete. Although they do not seem to be, they are found throughout the national territory, being favored their reproduction in humid underground areas such as aquifers. They can be a threat as soon as they surface, for biological reasons and invade our homes.
The termite colonies are organized, like the ant, and each individual has its function; The worker termites are white and blind insects of small size (between 4 and 6 mm in length), whose function is the construction of tunnels and galleries, ie those that are responsible for degrading wood And therefore to feed the rest of the colony. Also the reproductive termites , which as its name indicates its function is only to ensure the growth and descent of the colony, have a size between 2 and 4 mm larger than the workers, are of Black and have wings formed by membranes, which are released moments after copulating. Finally there is a last class of termites, the soldier termites , they have no wings and are usually blind and white, their size is around 8 mm and their function is to defend the colony.

Action in case of termites for companies and individuals:

The process to be followed in each case is different and our experience allows us to act accurately in each type of infestation:

  • Termites in homes: In these cases our professionals get in touch and come quickly to carry out an analysis of the state of the house and to proceed quickly. It is essential to adapt to the schedules of the family that lives in the house and to protect all the members, including the pets, to avoid intoxications.
  • Termite in companies: If a business is infested with termites, it is in serious danger, so that eradicating and preventing termites in places with potential risk is imperative. Our experts act through regular inspections, combined with the installation of traps to prevent their occurrence. If there is evidence of termites, it acts quickly so that the problem does not grow.

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