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Phytosanitary treatments

Eradicate Red Weevil and Procession


To carry out a phytosanitary treatment correctly implies the optimum use of the products, both for the economic saving and to reduce the environmental impact.

Objectives of the treatment of the Red weevil and the Processionary

A previous study of the affected tree area will allow us to perform an analysis with the necessary dosage, always trying not to overexcite, since the products used are toxic and harmful to the environment.

  • Inspection of the infected area
  • Design of a disinfection plan
  • Apply treatment with adequate dose and time
  • Personalized recommendations to prevent plague reappearing

Treatment results

The recommendations for the best possible result are simple:

The active substances used must be selected taking into account their danger to health, the environment and the side effects on the auxiliary fauna.
To achieve the best results the dose should be correct (using higher doses does not imply better results). The plant must be covered homogeneously, if specific machinery is used it can be done with the expected doses.
A preliminary study will allow us to know the state of the pest, depending on this the treatment for its eradication will be different, so this step is fundamental to obtain the expected results. Depending on the stage of the pest, it will be more or less sensitive to the pesticide.
These types of treatments are usually carried out outdoors, depending on the type of pesticide used should be taken into account if there is too much rain or heat, as the product could lose its effectiveness.


We know the climate, the causes and the best way to treat this type of pests so common in the Levantine coast, our experience allows us to do effective work more quickly.

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