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Wasps pest


Insects with high danger of their bites, especially when the hornet is hidden and is hit, the high aggressiveness of the bees can cause serious damage to the individual, especially if he is allergic to bites.

Insects of smooth and shiny skin, with narrow waist and yellow and black bands. They construct hornets in sheltered places such as holes in the wall, drums of blinds or between tiles of the house.

Their sting produces acute pains, they can also bite causing less damage, although the biggest problem is in the allergies that a great amount of the population has developed towards them, being able to cause a sting in these people serious consequences, even anaphylactic shock or death.

How to erradicate wasps:

The first measure is not to act without knowledge, calling experts in these cases is the safest and most advisable. Wasps are animals that live in large groups, so if they feel threatened they can attack many of them at once.
The wasps are hidden, so their search is delicate, is usually done at the last hours of the day when the wasps return to the wasp, are observed and determines the place of settlement.

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