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Treatment of  Disinfection

Physics or chemistry to kill the inactive pathogens


Performing a Disinfection treatment correctly means reducing pathogens such as bacteria, viruses or protozoa without damaging the health or quality of the environment.

Objectives of Disinfection Treatment

In any place where food is made or in agricultural facilities effective disinfection measures are essential for hygiene, and of course safety, preventing the germs and bacteria from reproducing without hindrance.

  • Inspection of affected premises
  • Air Quality Verification
  • Filtering and air conditioning systems check

Disinfection treatment recommendations

Steps to follow so that the result of the disinfection is totally effective:

Disinfectants must be adapted to the reproductive state in which bacteria are found, a prior study allows the use of the appropriate products to be effective.
Correct sanitation of the facilities at risk is essential to ensure health, in Ambilimpio we perform a preliminary analysis to find the areas with the highest risk and avoid contamination.
Because the effect of disinfection is immediate and not very durable it is necessary to continue with treatments to prevent the reproduction of bacteria. Our experts locate the most dangerous points to keep them controlled and prevent proliferation.


We know the climate, the causes and the best way to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms that have invaded changing rooms, swimming pools, gyms, dining rooms … Leave it in our hands

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