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Problems with processionary


The processionaria are caterpillars covered with hairs that produce rashes or eruptions throughout the body, eye irritation and respiratory problems.

The processionary has a butterfly stage for reproduction, as all caterpillars, and each female butterfly can lay up to 200 eggs in each setting, these butterflies distinguish the types of pine with their eyesight and smell and thus put the eggs in the most Appropriate, so if a tree has the characteristics that attract these insects can attract several females and get to store more than 1500 eggs prepared to hatch.

Identify and treat a processionary pest:

The white pockets in the tops of the pines are the most obvious sign of the presence of the processionary. In spring, which is the season in which they are more active, we can see tracks of caterpillars prowling around areas near the pines and also give off their stinging hairs, extremely dangerous if there are people with allergies nearby.

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