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Treatments in rat control

Definitely eradicate rats


Carrying out a Proper Routing Treatment means removing any trace of mice or rats from a home without damaging the health or quality of the environment.

Objectives of the Deratization Treatment

If you hear noises in the false ceiling, loft or floor can be clear evidence that there are rats or mice in your home. In addition, excreta can appear throughout the house.

  • Inspection of the infected area
  • Design of a disinfection plan
  • Apply treatment with adequate dose and time
  • Continuity of treatment recommendations

Desratization treatment recommendations

Steps to follow so that the result of the disinfection is totally effective:

Rat poison must be adapted to the reproductive state of the rats, a prior study allows the use of the appropriate products to be effective.

To achieve the best results the dose must be correct since if introduced more could seriously damage the health of household members. Other derating means such as radar can also be used.
A preliminary study will allow us to know the state of the pest, depending on this the treatment for its eradication will be different, so this step is fundamental to obtain the expected results. Depending on the stage of the pest, it will be more or less sensitive to the pesticide.


The rodenticides from 2018 will be considered toxic so only authorized personnel with the corresponding license of toxic products can use it. Leave it in our hands

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