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Consulting of food safety

Hazard analysis and critical control points


We are responsible for identifying, evaluating and controlling the food handling process in any type of company.

Objectives of the APPCC system

APPCC systems are a legal requirement (EC Regulation 852/2004 of the European Parliament) with regard to the hygiene of food products, the access of staff to them and their production and handling. It has a preventive character and has the principles included in Codex Alimentarius </ em>. It is done in a specific way according to the activity to which they are destined, the type of installations and the work systems used.

  • Assuring the production and marketing of food
  • Compliance with Legislation Spanish and European
  • Increase trust of customers and consumers
  • It is a preventive measure -> avoids future problems (and implicit economic costs)

  • Increases the efficiency of each stage of the process

Steps to follow to implement an APPC

This is how we work in Ambilimpio:

Essential to continue with the following steps correctly and accurately.
Collection of the necessary documentation for the design and implementation of the self-control system. In addition to giving staff initial training in food handling.
In this process we evaluate the correct implementation of the self-control system, we review procedures and check records. In addition we continue with the training to improve in all possible aspects.
We verify the proper compliance of the system of self-control through:

  • Water analysis
  • Microbiological analysis of food
  • Microbiological analysis of surfaces
We handle the documents necessary for self-control.


We have a wide experience in all types of companies and industries, whatever your case we can help and improve.

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