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Cockroaches at Home


Insect vectors of diseases such as salmonellosis, in addition to being carriers of bacteria and dirt, are a danger if there is evidence of its presence.

The first step in this case is to act as soon as possible, if there are indications of a possible pest of cockroaches we must carry out appropriate disinfecting treatment as soon as possible, cockroaches breeding at alarming rates and effective preventive action is the best weapon against them

Having a cockroach plague is more common than we think, both in homes and in business these insects are attracted to wet areas such as bathrooms as well as to kitchens where food is stored. When the cockroaches have been in contact with food or with the dishes the degree of danger is critical and a fast and effective action is essential, being the first step to have food scraps clean all surfaces of the kitchen and close the food properly Prevent them from ingesting food.

How to identify if there is a cockroach plague:

Cockroach droppings are like black powder, can be found in soil or above countertops.

Cockroaches lay their eggs in a kind of case, it is important to be alert for them and also if they are silent, these insects ask to change up to 8 times the skin throughout their life.

If you look at the areas where the cockroaches pass you will find small irregular spots, usually brown in color, which are usually linked to moisture.

Yes, it is true, when there is a pest it gives off an unpleasant odor to stale.

Roaches eat organic substances, cardboard boxes, leather backpacks …

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