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Red weevil in palms


Introduced anthropically in the Valencian Community in 2004, originating in Southeast Asia and Polynesia.

At first the elimination of the Red Weevil was almost impossible, since our climate is ideal for its biological cycle and reproduces at a very high speed. Today there are several types of effective treatments that can eradicate them permanently from the affected palm trees.

In Ambilimpio we are experts in the Eradication of the Picudo, being an extremely serious problem in Elche and in the whole province in general, since the palm trees are very abundant and their loss can cause visual changes that affect the tourism.


Biological development of Red Weevil:

The beetles lay their eggs inside the palm tree, at the top where the base of the palms are, then the yellowish larvae with bright dark brown exoskeleton are born and develop in that place until they reach 5 cm in length, are making their Larger nest with its robust jaws to be comfortable in the place. This development will degrade the palm tree inside and causing irreparable damage if not detected in time.

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