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Plagues of Flies


Insects carrying bacteria such as salmonella and fecal bacteria like E. Coli, </ em> There are a lot of species of flies that can be a risk for both people and animals.

Identify if there is a plague of flies

The first step is to know that even if there are flies in your house or business does not mean that there are signs of a pest, in the event that you find larvae or large numbers of flies will possibly be a real problem. In case of action the first step is to perform a preliminary inspection to identify the type of fly, once the species is known, an eradication plan must be designed with the innovative treatments from Ambilimpio to finish both with the Adult species as with larvae and prevent them from reproducing in their home or business.



Tips to prevent flies from settling:

  • The first step is to block the entrance of flies, install mosquito nets on windows and doors.
  • Clean up leftover food and leave nothing in the air, as they can perch on it and transmit disease.
  • Clean dead flies as soon as possible, as they are a source of disease and rich food for cockroaches and ants among other insects.
  • Avoid stagnant water at all times.

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